Besides Being a Musician and an Artist:

Louis Bernard William Schulte III was an Inkman/Lithographic Printing Ink Formulator/Chemist and Technical Service Printing Ink Specialist. 

For several Decades His Ink Formulations were relied on to Reproduce the Graphic Art created for the Packaging of Playstation, XBOX and Wii Video Games, like the John Madden Football Series and many of the EA Sports Titles. 

The Packaging for Hundreds if not Thousands, of Blu-Ray and DVD Titles; including “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, “The Matrix” Series as well as more Recent Titles; “Life Of PI” and “The Hobbit” are Printed with his Ink.  

Many High Profile Musical Artists Compact Disk Releases were also Printed with Ink Louis had Created. A few Examples are Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Janet Jackson and Barbra Streisand.                                                                             

Louis Schulte is an An Author, A Digital Artist, A Singer Songwriter and more recently, A Music Video Creator/Producer…..

As a Musician he Specializes in Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards and Lead and Backing Vocals.

It Seems Louis was born with an Innate Love for Music, Art and Live Performance. He probably began to Dance not long after he learned to walk and by the Age of Nine he was a Semi-Regular Featured guest Performer on The [Glen] “Skipper” Ryle Children’s Program which Aired Live on Cincinnati Television Station WKRC Channel 12. 

 It was an era when lip-syncing and Dancing was still referred to as pantomiming and it was something the little boy had shown a real talent for. He would literally perform anywhere and everywhere at the drop of a hat. Almost too willing at times, he had become emotionally dependent, not only to the act of performing, but also the adulation and attention it brought him. 

   He never passed up any opportunity to perform at an event, A Family get-together, weddings, birthday parties, and later his oldest sister Billie Lou would occasionally take him along to her high school dances. He was a novelty act that many people seemed to appreciate and enjoy. It was a heady experience for a nine year old. There was even an occasional request for an autograph. He was also being invited to perform at local dances and it was not uncommon for someone to drop some money in a Jukebox at a Cafe or restaurant and invite him to take the floor. 

He never hesitated.

  There were several standard Hit records of that time Period that were imprinted on his soul. He had rehearsed each song until  his performance seemed totally natural, as if the song belonged to him. 

Bobby Darin, Elvis and Ricky Nelson were favorites. There were many others, but he somehow had a special relationship with certain songs.  Without a doubt, “Mack The Knife” was number one. Within a year or so after the release of the record he performed that tune for various Audiences probably a hundred times.

     He had developed an entire persona and character for each song. He sincerely endeavored to make the audience believe it was actually him singing. He had developed his dancing and polished his performance capability to a point that it only felt natural that the next step would be the development of his own singing voice, but During this period he also began taking lessons to learn to play the Trumpet and then at a Thanksgiving Day Dinner he was given a gift of a pair of Drumsticks from Famed Jazz Drummer, Band Leader and Recording Artist Dee Felice…. This act of fate coupled with his Parents Divorce would change everything.

By the age of Thirteen he had formed his own musical group playing Drums and singing lead… Louis’s Father was a Jazz Aficionado. Not only did he possess an extensive library of Albums covering nearly every facet of the Genre, he was also a regular patron of every Nightclub that Featured live Jazz and it was becoming a common occurrence on the weekends for Louis to don a suit and tie and accompany his Father to “The Living Room”, “The Penthouse”, and “The Playboy Club”, to experience performance’s by some of the Top Artists of the 1960‘s ….. Oscar Peterson, Amanda Ambrose, Jack Sheldon and Mark Murphy to name a few. It was also not unusual for the Local acts to invite Louis to sit in for a song or two …..

Louis spent his Teenage Years in Lake Elsinore California. Still Focusing on Drums and Vocals, He was one of the Four original Members of the popular West Coast rock group, “December’s Children”. 

Now, Louis Schulte is first and foremost a “Recording Artist”! He Creates the Music and  Lyrics, Plays each and every instrument, and  Arranges as well as Produces each Song in Entirety with the Explicit Intention of making a Signature Recording that is Identity Specific and a Unique Creation of The Artist.